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Which countries have you visited?
(09-26-2014, 04:23 PM)Hillerbear Wrote: Very interested in some of these countries as I dont know shit about em. For example how is it in Estonia, Macedonia and San Marino? Smile
Well, I live in Estonia , Tallinn , Can't really tell much because i don't move around often, Here.
I live in America and have been to Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and England.
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Denmark, Norway, Sweden (duh), Marocko, Lanzarote, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Montonegro, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Thailand, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria. I'm going to US next year.. so by then I've visited 4 continents. Smile

EDIT: Holy shit balls that's 21 countries I've been in.. what..
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I haven't yet been outside Europe, these countries I've visited:

Netherlands, Germany(2x), Belgium, France(2x), Spain(3x), Cyprus, Bulgaria(3x), Austria(2x), England, Denmark, Scotland(4x), Malta

I want to visit Indonesia, the US and South Africa (aunt lives there)
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Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Andorra, Italy, Croatia, Turkey, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, Belgium, Cyprus - Some of them twice and some 3 and spain is around 10 times :-)

(May have forgotten some..)
<3<3 I will never forget you grandfather 14.9.11 R.I.P<3<3

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The UK, Germany, Qatar, and China.
I absolutely hate travelling, especially on planes.
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I live in germany

My list:
France, Spain, Mallorca (i know its technically part of spain), Italy, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Belgium, Luxemburg, England, Wales.

Still wanna go to the USA some day...
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Somehow it surprises me you haven't visited Austria or Switzerland Tongue
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Credits to Rain.

Live in the USA. 

Been to 
France [Paris, Le Mans, Normandy, and a few smaller towns] (5x)
Italy [Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Milan, Naples, Venice, Parma, Como] (3x) 
Germany [Ratingen, Koln, Dusseldorf] (1x)
Belgium [Brussels] (1x)
Netherlands [Amsterdam, Den Haag, Some other little towns](1x)
Great Britain [London] (3x)
Spain [Mallora, Ibiza, Barcelona] (1x).

I think Spain was my favorite. I hated Belgium.
Live in England Been to
Wales (Ik principality)

Going to Germany in January Big Grin
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