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What do you collect?
Tech and games. Along with computers for projects and UMPCS
I have started to collect pocket watches from around the world. Old or new, I like both.
[Image: bIMb0xQ.jpg]
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Used to collect magnets and keyrings when I was a wee lad. Kool kid I know Wink
[Image: 5kJXuUY.png]
Used to collect Football Cards when I was younger
[Image: 7IbgduzV_o.jpg]
Rest In Peace Big Al 

Posting because quite a fun topic (not necroposting for fun).

I used to collect BeyBlades, went in the loft last week and found all of them, had a play with them with my younger brother and was pretty enjoyable!
I used to collect bottle caps, yes bottle caps, back when I was super into Fallout. I had around 50 bottle cops when I lost interest in both the collection and Fallout.
[Image: mlDnIW6.png?3]

Kind Regards
I collect bans on Fearless
[Image: FdC6l3c.png]
Soft drink cans, have about 20-25
[Image: xT1oxv2.png]
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I collect many STDs
[Image: dddw_zpseafzdhxt.png]
I collect memorabilia from the Middle Earth books and movies
[Image: 7MyJW7z.jpg]

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