Hi guys! Just wanted to say hello, I can't wait to roleplay with all of you and looking forward to see ya'll on the server.
Quick question though, when I connect it's just loading for me, is that a known bug?
You're welcome for my existence
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Welcome! Been experiencing this for 2 years.
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(03-04-2024, 11:02 PM)RaZZ Wrote: Welcome! Been experiencing this for 2 years.

dam bro thats crazy
You're welcome for my existence
hello fellas!!!
How has it been, remembering me,probably dont ):. Anyways I just wonder when the server is going to be back up running. I am so excited to go back to rp. Lately i have been dreaming about fearless rp, weird dreams. Listend up. Everything started two weeks ago, it was a normal night, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. But then out of nowhere in the middle of my dream I saw him, he was standing infront of me, naked with no hands or mouth. It was Pollux and he was there telling me cracy things like fearless rp never will be up running again. When I heard that I woke up immediately and had a hard shit in by pants, it was truly scary. Then 3 days later i saw Self standing infront of me(not naked)but he had a weird smile on his face looking right at me, then he just dissapeared. yesterday while i slept i also had a weird dream. This time conn stood right infront of me, just saying goodbye then dissapering in to the dark. He was naked, it was weird as fuck.

Anyways has this happend to any of you? In that case do you know how to get rid of the dreams. I think fearless rp is trying to become me and make som weird as spirit shit out of me.

And if anyone also has trouble sleeping tell me I am trying to solve this situation. Sorry for bad spelling and bad grammar, I am little kid only.

Goodbye my little pookies (:
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