FL Factions Info [Minecraft]
We don't have a server at the moment and we need someplace for the community members to meet. Therefore I took the initiative to start a Minecraft factions server.

Last time FL had a Minecraft server is a long time ago - I hope to see someone there.

Minecraft Factions Server


You can write /kit startup to get some supplies when starting up.

To join the server change your Minecraft version to 1.20.1
This can be done through the Minecraft launcher with a few mouse clicks under "installations".

About the server:

Spoiler :

This server is not official. And there is no monetary gain for me.
If at least 4 people play the server within the end of next month I will keep the server up.

The goal of the server is to create a hardcore factions environment focused around no special advantages no matter who you are. It is supposed to be fair.

The server will get more features and a proper spawn soon. 

What is factions?

Spoiler :
A gamemode where you can claim your own or overtake others land. You can lower others power by killing them and overtaking their base.

Here are some useful commands to start:

/f create "Faction Name"
/f claim

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Love the initiative, thanks man.

At least it will give FL members a place to congregate.

Good show.
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I have never played factions but will definitely try it out. Thank you Haarek.
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Good ol' days
Kind Regards,

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admin pls fix
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also, can't open the doors to the shop
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- Change your nickname with /nickname "name"
- Teleport to spawn with /warp spawn
- There is now a shop in spawn
- /sethome and /home
- no longer possible to fly in faction land
- /kit startup now works
- Changed spawn location
- added world border
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Server banner:
[Image: u7lEWWo.png]

Made various improvements: i.e. Tab list, kits, spawn, teleports

We had 7 players on today.
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Well done! atleast someone is trying to do something!
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Thumbs Up 
I got several complaints about server lag and bad performance.

- There are now considerable improvements after changing to Paper.
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