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Quote - Mobile Browsers - Marty - 01-09-2017

Title of Bug: Quote Function Mobile Browsers
Description Quotes do not load when using mobile browsers just shown a spinning loading icon. 

Tried using safari and chrome and the problem persists on both of them show just the loading icon which you can see below.

Spoiler: Screenshot
[Image: Ve1gqeK.jpg] 

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Sam Hyde - 01-10-2017

It works for me...

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Santacake - 01-11-2017

I have the same problem

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Marty - 01-11-2017

Thank you for that insightful reply Bob, but just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone, hence the bug report after trying multiple devices and different browsers I had established it's clearly not a client side bug.

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Prompt - 01-11-2017

Use firefox

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Midget - 01-11-2017

(01-11-2017, 07:45 AM)ARPANettic Wrote: Use firefox
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9i7JksNgm5-UKoHSXRC5...8GXMAdYjz-]

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Broccoli - 01-11-2017

Happens on PC to me too.

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Idea - 01-11-2017

It might be the problem of your Browser.
Did any of you try to update/reinstall it?
If that dosen't help I'd suggrst you to get a new Browser.

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - Marty - 01-11-2017

I'm assuming you didn't read the part where I mentioned I tried different browsers? 3 now to be precise, two different platforms, 3 different devices. 

100% not my browser.

RE: Quote - Mobile Browsers - RobotDuck - 01-11-2017

Doesnt work for me either, just displays an infinite loading icon when I click "Quote these posts".