Reported User(s): filip

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:101354252

Date & Time (GMT): 8/6/21 @ 21:17 GMT

Summary of the incident
I was down at the lake fishing and as soon as I finished, filip comes up behind me says "Mr.Alessi sends his regards." and kills me.


[TRP] Tim (STEAM_0:0:192529993) was killed by filip (STEAM_0:0:101354252) using Player [7][filip]
Hello Tim,
Thank you for posting this player report.

I will await response from the accused before coming to a conclusion.
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Ivolved. Im mr Alessi. What happend this dude got tourcherd for stealing my car. He asked to get into the gang multible times during the tourcher. which I responded in .// Ill do it after we are done with this multiple times. After I added him he stayed i nthe gang for aprocximitly 30 minutes after that he left. Which let me think he only went into the gang to stop the tourcher. and therefor trieng to play me. After you left without asking the higherups or at least letting us know this we saw this as betrial and I send one of our man on you.

Edit: *i got no recording due to the fact that my computer was out of disk space.*
So I hope you gonna be honest Tim
Hello Tim!


After reviewing the provided evidence and the useful information from Wizzard I have come to conclusion that the accused is found guilty of what he is being accused of in this player report. First of all the accused doesn't have a fit job in order to commit such serious crime as murder. The evidence shows the accused as "Unemployed" which is a job title that's only allowed petty crime, he should've changed his job title to the name of the gang he is a part of in order to commit more serious crimes. Second of all it is not a valid reason to hunt someone down and murder them for leaving your organisation, players has the right to leave organisations as they wish without having to worry about being hunted down and RDMed. Doing this would only be allowed if it's agreed upon all partied involved and roleplayed in well thought out way.

The accused is found guilty of violating the following rules:

[2.7] Custom job titles must be realistic, specific and accurately state what character you intend roleplay. (Do not set your job as 'Classified/Criminal/Thug’ for example).

[3.1] Do not harm/kill people randomly (RDM); you must have a valid roleplay reason (a person's job or being a criminal is not a valid reason), for example protecting your property during a raid.

[3.1a] Violence should always be the last option.

The accused will recieve the following punishments:

1h Weapons blacklist
A warning for invalid job title

To Wizzard (Mr. Alexsi)
You will also recieve a warning for handing out such orders. You need to be careful when ordering players to do certain things, I highly recommend you to check with staff members when you believe someone deserves to be assassinated.
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