Santaro Family
The biggest wealth redistribution family in San Ranevo


The Santaro Family was erected by Giovanni and Evelyn Santaro, who both grew up in a poor, industrial town just outside of San Ranevo with a relatively poverty stricken background, the pair moved to San Ranevo in an attempt to make a better life for themselves. The pair have not forgotten the people along the way who helped them out with rent, food and water, thereby creating the Santaro Syndicate. The aims of the two are still shared to this day, to steal from the rich and give to the poor. 


The Santaro Family is a relatively new organisation which focuses on redistributing wealth from the poor to the rich. In such case a Santaro Family member is expected to support poorer communities, while being aggressive towards richer communities.

Giovanni and Evelyn expect members of this organisation to act appropriately when conducting "business", therefore no harm should come to poorer communities or families. Respect should however be given to both sides of the economic chain.

Family members are expected to interact with poorer communities, providing hardware and security to those who are most vulnerable.


The Santaro family expects all their members, as previously mentioned to act as a helping hand and role models for the San Ranevo community, therefore applications will not be considered at this time for players with 3 deports (bans) in a 6 month period. Please follow the below Application to get started. Applicants with less than 150 hours of experience in San Ranevo will be rewarded a $50,000 bursary from Giovanni himself on a successful application 

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IC Name:
Steam Name:
Hours Played:
Bank account balance:
Name a time where you've helped someone IC:
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