This is where I get off
After thinking about it for about some time, I have decided to resign from my position in the staff team.

Truth is, I've been losing interest in administrating and Gmod in general. My mind has been drifting away from that and into other things. I've been spending more time studying and pursuing other hobbies compared to being on the server and being an admin. At the rate that I'm going, I feel like that I would end up spending most of my time as an admin being inactive and just be there.

It's been one hell of a ride being an admin, and I'm glad that I got to enjoy my time being on the team while it lasted. A big thanks to those who believed that I would make it, to those who helped me along the way, and to the staff team for giving me a shot at the role. I'll still swing by every now and then whenever I get the chance to do so. Till then, this is where I get off.
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bon voyage mi amigo
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Good luck with what you do now, Tonetta!
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Thanks White Wolf for the signature!

Bye bye!
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Thanks for everything Tonetta. Much good will is wished into your future.
Have a Nice Day!  Wink
big up for taking responsibility and realising you want to spend your time on other stuff, hopefully we see you back in the future!
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cya soon tonetta
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same here when I was admin i started getting into meth, interests change just the journey of life my man
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Sad to see you go buddy but understandable
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