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The Children of Heaven
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San Ranevo has fallen upon very dark times. A cult known only as "The Children of Heaven" rules what is left of the city with an iron fist. Their loyal citizens worship false idols, attend cult rituals and assist in undermining attempts to take down their glorious and divine leaders. It is a truly dangerous world for those who have opened their eyes to the truth, as they avoid being exposed as a "non-believer".

The head of the cult is known as Maximilian Gastrell, a man shrouded in mystery.

The Messiah (1/1)
Grizzly - Maximilian Gastrell
The 'Messiah', oversees San Ranevo.
Cult Cardinal (1/1)
Lewwings - Gerald Burger
The public facing leader of the cult.
Chief Enforcer (1/1)
Self - Jonah East
The head of intelligence, stamps out non-believers and ensures the safety of the city.
Enforcer (2/6)
Ryan - Lindsay Rivera
Kurz - Valken R. Wisci
Enforces the policies of the cult and oppresses the masses.
Messiah Bodyguard (1/3)
Blaz - Jim 'Turd' Flint
Ensures the Messiah's safety.
Preacher (1/2)
Dragnort - Jebediah Springfield
Preaches the good word of the cult and leads their ceremonies.
Civilian (1/-)
Jessixa - Samantha Madelyn
Work hard to support themselves and strictly follow the cult traditions.
Store Owner (2/2)
JT - John Roberts
Rutobia - Maria Valentine
Are lucky enough to own either the cafe or the general store.
Rebel (4/6)
MaliciousPotatoes - Change Zein
Slaint - Joey "Slaint" Elite
Rebelz - Big Dwayne
Mac - Big Chang
A handful of non-believers who need to unite and plan together to overthrow the cult.

Joining the Event
Everyone who joins the event is expected to follow the normal server rules. We ask that you roleplay your character properly and stay true to your role. If you have any questions about a role or would like to do something which is not listed here, PM Self, Lewwings or Grizzly about it.
If you wish to be a regular civilian on the night, just join the event server at 7PM GMT on the 22th of May. Civilians can become workers by interviewing a store owner on the night.
To apply, fill out this form below as a post
IC Name:
Family (Players you affiliate with):

Steam Name:
Discord Tag:

Event Details
Date/Time - 26/03/2021 7PM GMT
- Hosted on the event server
- Anyone who minges will be banned for the duration of the event
- Role-specific events will be given in more detail on the event discord
- A roll call will be taken at each cult gathering, if you are not present you will be wanted. Rebels should try to blend in and plan their uprising carefully!
- If you die, you can keep your role and come back as a new person.
- Your family can include anyone from any role, as long as they agree, and is limited to 4 people.
- Guns will be exceptionally hard to find and are limited for use only by Rebels. They are found in a few places around the map and are only spawned after a certain amount of time.

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Thanks White Wolf for the signature!

IC Name: Lindsay Rivera
Age: 24
Description: Devoted to the life of an enforcer, sold her sole to the Messiah
Family (Players you affiliate with): n/a
Role: Enforcer

Steam Name: ryan
Discord Tag: ryan#9099
Hours: way too many
Fearless Full-Time Roleplayer

[Image: qVdVN2yh.jpg]
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IC Name: Change Zein
Age: 31
Description: 31, Former journalist, sweet-talker, 'thief'
Family (Players you affiliate with): Undecided
Role: Rebel

Steam Name: MaliciousPotatoes
Discord Tag: Lazernant_007#8426
Hours: 45
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IC Name: 茅野かふう (Can change to Joey "Slaint" Elite if needed)
Age: 19
Description: Some random guy who really hates cults and likes shooting up people.
Family (Players you affiliate with): N/A
Role: Rebel

Steam Name: [FL:RP] 茅野かふう
Discord Tag: Slaint#9431
Hours: 1052
[Image: 5vO0HmP.gif]
FL Donator Slaint
Credits to White Wolf for the awesome Signature!
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IC Name: Big Dwayne
Age: 22
Description: Despises the cult and all that folow, man of action.
Family (Players you affiliate with): Big Chang
Role: Rebel

Steam Name: [FL:RP] Rebelz
Discord Tag: Rebelz#4675
Hours: 1950ish
Kind Regards,
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IC Name: Valken R. Wisci
Age: 24
Description: Indoctrinated into the cult at a very young age, has since sworn to himself to purge the world of all heresy.
Family (Players you affiliate with): -
Role: Enforcer

Steam Name: Kurz
Discord Tag: Kurz#1871
Hours: 450-ish

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IC Name: Samantha Madelyn 
Age: 24

Description: Joined after being told by her family that she could be heal by the power of God. Nobody know how she got into the cult with rumours swirling around that her mother pressure her to do it at a very young age, others being that she is a spy, secretly recording it for to expose the cult

Family (Players you affiliate with): ???
Role: Civilian 

Steam Name: Jessixa
Discord Tag: Jesnake#8956
Hours: 3919
[Image: 1619639714462.png]
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IC Name: Big Chang
Description: from the streets , hates the cult, born and raised in the hood where violence is the normal thing in changs life.
Family (Players you affiliate with):Rebelz

Steam Name:Mac
Discord Tag:Mac.#5478
Hours: 869
Sig too big - Dragnort 

Regards Mac safe g
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IC Name: John Roberts
Age: 32
Description: A work-focused individual who sees the cult as both sides of good and evil. He's somewhat open to those who he sees as 'trustful', but would rather speak upon his products rather than the politics. 
Family (Players you affiliate with): Rebelz (Got Permission from him as of 3/10)
Role: Store Owner (Cafe/General Store both works)

Steam Name: JT
Discord Tag: JT#9159
Hours: 518 Hours
Have a Nice Day!  Wink
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IC Name: Jim 'Turd' Flint
Description: From the more 'cursed' side of the Flint family | Autistic | Smart
Family (Players you affiliate with):N/A
Role: Messiah's Bodyguard

Steam Name: [FL:RP]ブレイズ!
Discord Tag: blaz#0002
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:186839567&b=8]
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