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Hello KiesMaar

First of all I don't understand what you are talking about when saying I've let my friends off when they break rules? Feel free to turn to the appropriate reports (AA) instead of making accusations based on nothing. You told me during the sit that players always get away when they break rules when doing things to you (RDM, CDM ect) and when I asked if you have reported these incidents you said you didn't bother because you believe that nobody is going to help you. Let me tell you that the admin team are not psychic, how do you expect us to be aware of the rulebreakage if you never report it?

Second of all, you compare your own situation to a situation where another player CDM you and these two situations can not be compared at all, a CDM will in almost all cases result in a blacklist, what possible blacklist would I give you for shouting racist slurs at other players? You were being racist towards another player which isn't something we tolerate on our server, when we were talking in the admin sit you confirmed you are full aware of the meaning of the word. It is nobody's fault but your own that you're banned.

I understand you think that 14 days may seem harsh but if you take a look at the majority of racism bans they are about the same, we want everyone to feel welcome to play on our servers which is why we go with these punishments, nobody should have to hear you shout racist slurs and being extremely disrespectful towards them without any consequenses.
I am giving you a final chance to come up with some proper arguments to why I should consider making your ban shorter. Accusing me of corruption and complaining about rulebreakage you never report are not strong enough arguments.
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no matter what i say for reason
there will never be a reason to give me a shorter ban
I can say 1000x sorry to you and the rest but that won't be good enough to give me a shorter ban

I never said you are corrupt
I never said that you were the person who did that

I just put my opinion and my experience on it that's all
Now I also realize that this is not the right place to do that

I'll try to give a good reason

i was mad that the other player took the pot and took it to the police for no reason the pot was empty there was nothing in it

because I was angry it flew out of my mouth without thinking

I'm sorry and it won't happen again in the future I watch my words

this is the best i can do and i hope this is ok
to continue playing on the suver

thanks in advance
my name is Kies Maar
Hello KiesMaar


Im afraid your arguments have not convinced me to change my mind.
My advice to you is to think twice before shouting things at other players.

Thank you once again for posting this unban request!
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