Tomo's Farewell
Hi guys,

I know I'm a bit of a ghost around here at this point but I thought it'd be nice to write my own personal goodbye after the announcement of my departure in Divey's resignation thread. I've been here a long time and I feel it'd be wrong to just disappear without explanation.

The truth is, I've simply run out of time and energy for playing on CityRP and Garry's Mod in general, let alone having any involvement with the administration, development or management of Fearless. For quite a while now, I've been sitting in the team with dwindling activity, only helping when required and providing Divey and the rest of the management team with support when needed. My activity has had its ups and downs over the years but for most of my time in the management and administration teams, I've been dedicated to trying to keep the community, team and servers running smoothly. Since joining the staff team in 2015, I've spent countless hours in staff meetings, development meetings (even crisis meetings), and administrating the server, not to mention personally getting involved in developing and planning updates and changes for both the forums and the gamemode. Not everything we had planned over the years has come to fruition, but the intent was always there and we genuinely tried our best to make whatever improvements we could to this gamemode and community.

There was a time when Fearless was one of my main priorities and focuses in life outside of school and work but naturally, priorities change. I no longer have any time to dedicate to this community. I've had hours of fun playing CityRP and I've made many friends here over the last 9 years or so since I first joined the server, and for that I'm grateful. Won't go naming everyone as it'd take all day, but you know who you are.

Lastly, I want to wish the new ownership and management all the best and say that I genuinely hope Fearless will live on for many years to come.

All the best!


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All the best mate, I'm sure we'll have a catch up soon! I know you won't miss the crisis meetings... Joy

Take care for now.

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Goodbye Tomo, was a great run for you whilst it lasted and you've done a lot for FL over the years. Take care!

Take care, I'm already missing narrating code to you whilst you screenshare on Discord Sad

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Take care mate, been a pleasure over the years!
Take care Tomo, you did hell out there for Fearless and your contributions won't be forotten. You'll always be welcome back in this community, even if you're just dropping by and saying hi in forums.
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who this?
Bye bye tomo<3
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I think it would've been better for the community if you came to the realisation that your inactivity didn't help some years ago, I'm glad you came to the conclusion in the end though.

You're a good guy and it was fun to work together with ya 2015-2017ish. Take care.

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