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Slots back to 75
Title of Suggestion: Slots back to 75

Put the slots back up to 75

Server pop is starting to slowly get higher again and players are genuinely more inclined to join/play if the slots are higher as it shows real time the server can have 75 players which is actually a huge difference to 50 players.

More players, more interactions, more fun for everyone, why not.
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I swear once it gets to 50 it automatically goes to 75 if I remember rightly
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The reason we moved to 60 slots from 75 is that the server performance after a certain point crumbles, with both the player count and the vehicles spawned and in use.

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(06-22-2022, 02:27 PM)L Y N C H Y Wrote: I swear once it gets to 50 it automatically goes to 75 if I remember rightly

yeah i think at the moment it is 50 to 60 if it is above 50
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We didn't move to less slots due to fewer people playing, we lowered them while we constantly had a full server due to extremely poor performance. We'll only raise slots once we're confident the gamemode can handle it, which would be an internal decision rather than a community suggestion. Currently, the slots are 65 (5 reserved) but will show 50 until we hit around 45 players.

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