Steam Name: JackZ

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95267893

BanID: 83840

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Haarek

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Why should you be unbanned?
Good afternoon staff team, 

Today I'm appealing my ban in order to be able to play the FL servers again to hopefully enjoy myself and play in a way that allows others to do the same. 

As some people know I'm a player that used to play a few years back quite actively and was fairly well known for being an aggressive roleplayer. 

I have decided that I want to play different styles of RP upon return if I am allowed and am going to explore that if I'm given the chance.

I was banned rightfully for cheating for fucking about being immature after I realized I wanted to quit FL. Was stupid and i would like a shot at redemption. What I did before, I will not do again. I'm happy to screen share or record at any time at any staff discretion to constantly prove that I will not cheat.

From being banned I've since joined the military in an Infantry regiment and am now serving in my unit and have been out of training for a good few months now. I'm a lot more disciplined than i was before which will prevent the same mistakes occuring again.

What I did was stupid and I'm better than that and I will show that if I am to be unbanned thank you very much for taking your time to read this unban request.

Cheers for reading lads, really appreciate it.
EDIT: I will play actively and will be a proper rule-abiding member of the community should i be allowed back.
Hi JackZ,

Your UBR is currently being discussed with the team, thank you for your patience.

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[Image: courthouseconclusion.png]
Unban Request Ref #99906/83840/JackZ/STEAM_0:1:95267893

Hello JackZ,

Thank you for submitting your unban request.

After discussion at length with the team over the last few days, we have decided to expire your ban. I must note that this decision was incredibly split with the staff team, with many admins struggling to accept that you have changed.

For this reason, the ban on your account will be expired but will act as a last chance. This means that if you break any server rules, or are involved in encouraging other players to break rules; all of your accounts on our services will receive an indefinite suspension. You are probably aware that our rules have recently been refactored, so I encourage you to be fully aware of any changes before playing. If you're not sure, please ask a staff member.

I hope you will take this into account when you begin playing on the servers again.

Conclusion: Unban & Final Warning Active


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