Rule Rewrite
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Rule Rewrite

Hello all,

The rules on FL have for a long time been best described as confusing. This is due to the nature of how they were made; instead of being written once, FL started with a limited ruleset and every time something happened a new rule was added. The result is what we have currently, a mess of rules which are confusing and even contradict each other quite often. While a few attempts have been made in the past, these just added more confusion as many rules were seemingly randomly removed resulting in many being unwritten. To solve this we've re-written the rules from scratch, using the current as only a guideline and focusing on what our current needs are.

You can view these new rules on the rule page:

There are quite a few major changes, especially to aggRP with bases needing to be realistic (this means no more big metal doomforts), fearRP being better defined and exceptions to the crime in public rule. Since it's a full re-write, I can't just sum up the changes so I do advise you all to read through them. Our focus with this re-write was explaining everything in detail while also ensuring they're easy to understand. Most of the important parts are additionally in bold.

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We're releasing these rules ahead of new content to give everyone time to read and adjust to them. These rules will be in effect from now, however, there will be a bit of a transition period while everyone gets used to the new rules where staff will be lenient. If you have any questions on these new rules, feel free to ask any admin or reply to this thread.

Mandmins are always hating on aggressive RP.
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