An unfortunate goodbye from Knightley
I'm sad to say that after returning for just a short couple of months, I've decided to leave Fearless until it becomes active again (if that ever happens), however I will be around for events, and will be active on the forums when necessary.

From what I've seen on the servers, and from what I've what I've heard from people in the community (both staff & none staff), Fearless is at the least active point in its existence I've ever seen. A few years ago it was arguable in its prime, with its pop cap raised to 75, and often having queues to get on the server on evenings and weekends.

Now, the developers might as well add tumble weeds to roll across the map. Many people on the admin team have expressed to me in conversation their frustration with management and their seemingly lack of interest in improving the situation, which doesn't give me much hope that things are going to change any time soon.

And before anyone says, "Garry's mod is a dying game", there are plenty of packed servers visible on the legacy browser, and the average amount of people playing Garry's mod each month has barely changed over the last 7 years (last month was 22,000 on average). So no, it's not a dying game. It's still plentifully active.

If the team does decide to pull their finger out, and the server becomes more active, you will 100% see a return from me, but until then, it's peace out.

Wishing you all the very best with lots of luck and success,
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Take care mate, will be missed
Thanks for playing. Looking forward to your return.
That is completely reasonable!

See you when you return.
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Sad to see you go man, see you around!
It's a shame to see you leave but I suppose it makes sense.
Fearless Management
In a bit man
Kind Regards,

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