Best Gmod maps of all time?
To archive Gmod culture I'm making a poll of the best maps of all time. Feel free to list up to 3 maps that you think are the best. These would be the file names of the maps you had the most fun on or played the most in Gmod, regardless if they were originally made for another game (for example cs_office).

If you can't remember a specific map edit name then I'll still list the shortened name, such as rp_city45 representing a difficult to remember name like rp_tb_city45_v02n. You can further help by adding notes about the history of your favourite maps (like what year / gamemode you played on them) and what you enjoyed about them, which could be used as quotes in potential articles on specific maps.
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rp_evocity_v2d - I was born there
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(or V5P)
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I first played V2D in 2014, but the most fun I've had is on V5P. Most likely due to the server being extremely active back in early 2018 with a lot of great roleplay, and a lot of long time veterans of the server returning.

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rp_downtown_tits tbh
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(05-11-2022, 10:53 PM)Equinox Wrote: V2D

(or V5P)
v2d is a classic
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How is everyone not saying downtown_tits?
v33x for me
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