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Steam Name: discord

SteamID: discord

BlacklistID(s): discord

Blacklist Reason
no real reason

Staff Member: pollux

Involved users
no one

Why should you be unblacklisted?
Well it's my first ping never warned never pinged roleplay for no reason

i just feel that im being targeted by pollux because im telling the truth about him and the whole dev and management team

BTW Closing the suggestion just makes things worse for u and for the whole team it shows show uncaring u are about the server and it's future
You know better than pinging roleplay/events for dumb reasons. I closed it because it's an invalid suggestion.

I see no reason to lift this, you can wait out the week timeout. I would've given anyone else the same punishment.
Fearless Management
No u wouldn't you would warn them and u should know better because i never use pings

the punshment is clearly targeted aginest me
[Image: SHfSAas.png]
You know you broke a rule, it wasn't harsh at all considering you broke it intentionally.

Denied, you can wait a week.
Fearless Management

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