Reported User(s): Kriss

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:161318271

Date & Time (GMT): 19/4/22 @ 17:00 GMT

Summary of the incident
Rules Broken:

3.1 Do not harm/kill people randomly (RDM); you must have a valid roleplay reason (a person's job or being a criminal is not a valid reason), for example protecting your property during a raid.

3.2 You may only raid as the following jobs: Police, SWAT, Corleone, Rebels and any custom jobs as an unemployed that fits the roleplay situation for example, "Freedom Fighter".

I was in my home Farming and doing some contra & moonshine as a farmer who makes some illegals on the side, when this said player lets himself into my house with access he I assume acquired to modifying one of my vehicles on an earlier date.

He opens the door to my contra room, then arms himself with a weapon. He didn't even give me a chance to tell him in LOOC to tell him he was breaking the rules. I would call this raiding as a BM which isn't one of the permitted roles to raid as, and also RDM, as he had no valid roleplay reason to kill me.

This other information was not caught on recording, but he later started to harass me over PM's and OOC, calling me "childish" for telling him I'm submitting PR on him.

I apologized after I realized I was a black-market dealer from his LOOC message and let his contraband be. When it comes to you claiming I broke rule 3.1, it isn't really RDM in my opinion considering the fact that I saw your contraband and issued commands (telling you to stand up against the wall on your right, as you would in a raid) which you didn't listen to. I admit I was in the wrong when it comes to the raiding though.
It was RDM.

Just because you see my contraband doesn't mean you can just disregard the rules for raiding, and it also doesn't mean you get to kill me.

And as for me not complying with your demands whilst you were wrongfully raiding, I was lagging as you could see in the video, whilst trying to tell you in LOOC that you were breaking the rules

You did break the rule 3.2 so you will be receiving a blacklist for doing so.

How ever you will not be receiving a punishment for the RDM as you didn't follow the commands you were given at the time Knightly.

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