Steam Name: JackZ

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:95267893

BanID: 83840

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Haarek

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Why should you be unbanned?
I know my last ubr got denied, but why? I'm an extra player that can log on and interact with people, making the server more enjoyable for others.

Just wondering if I could get an unban just so I can walk about and play sometimes for a laugh, and play seriously obviously, without fucking about.

Got banned for hacking, don't even own a PC anymore would be playing on a laptop now so couldn't even hack if I wanted to, can hardly run the game on its own. Obviously, I don't want to cheat anymore it was a dumb mistake.

Literally just want a chance to walk about for nostalgia and see if I can get any laughs out of FL nowadays but if you don't want to let me back or forgive me because I cheated about a year ago then I understand.

Cheers for reading lads, really appreciate it.
Hello JackZ

I apologise for the wait. Unfortunately your UBR is automatically denied per this rule when it comes to posting UBRs:

"A Permanent ban cannot be disputed unless solid evidence is provided proving your innocence."

Thank you for posting the UBR!
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