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Hey guys, its 2022 and I am a feminist!  Cool Wooo I love women yes yes! RESPECTFULLY OF COURSE AS I AM NOT SEXIST!!!!

On a more serious note, some real heroic geezer on the workshop added this spiffy looking female suited playermodels!

With our current clothes system this could be very useful for wide aspects of roleplay. Currently women really only have the option to wear a lab coat or look like a fan service character in a telltale story game.

The addon can be found here:

Its 2022, women can wear suits too!
Easily entwined into the gamemode and its current playstyle and playerbase
Its all already made for you, adding it is simple.

The only downside is it adds more  to your gmod folder I guess?
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(01-24-2022, 11:12 AM)Kingstone Wrote: +Support

+ Support from a developer, that’s usually a good sign!
I feel like I'm Gucci Mane in 2006

Just if we can better playermodels then the one you added that would be great!
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All credits to White Wolf for this amazing design! Talented Person!
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