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It would be very fun to add a Bitcoin Currency. and 1 bitcoin could be like 10000$ or something.
then to get it you could have a job that is a bitcoin miner and it would maybe be to OP to have a bitcoin farm and a contraband base then you could add so if you have to bitcoin job you can't place contra

and it could be transferred to real money in the bank or something like that maybe you could sell it or something

it would be nice to see a new Currency in the game and Bitcoin is the new thing tight now (kind of)

and Darkrp servers don't have a bitcoin Currency so don't say "its to like a darkrp server"
and it would be fun to have something you could base for
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-support something like this was suggested before and I didn't like the idea then either and having a job just for that is very darkrp also.
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-support Already told you on the server why its a terrible idea

+/- support

I would like a market not just bitcoin and definitely not a job dedicated just for it, it can go under the unemployed job! If there was some sort of computer to be bought (a custom system giving new players something to admire) and make a cryptocurrency market which will randomly crash and or increase. This type of system would more then likely work a lot better and I can imagine this would be a lot better for people!
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This has already been suggested and declined here:

I don't see any point in us looking into money making methods that are functionally the same as existing ones anyway, no one really needs another place and wait machine. It doesn't add any RP value and is a waste of development resources which are extremely limited at the moment.

Denied due to already being denied recently.
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