One of these dumb threads
Hello fellow gamers it’s me funny little fella

This thread doesn’t come with a surprise, you’ve all seen me stop playing and frankly get bored of farming and everything

I returned to fearless a year ago around the time farming came out, I had a blast, getting to know new people like T6, Uex, wolven, and many other British people who’ve lost all their teeth, I became obsessed with farming to a degree which I frankly look back at and shake my head at, I used to make a mil a day (get a look at this looser, am I right) I became famously known as watermelon man because I sold watermelons to everyone who hadn’t reached the milestone yet (after a while people started catching on and reaching the milestone too and started pricing it way higher than I did) in 3 weeks time I reached about 20 mil which is insane. Enough about my money.

I want to thank everyone who made my return a fun time, but it has to end sometime don’t it, the constant problems with FL and the crashing really made me not want to play, player count started to drop tremendously which is sad. 

I don’t want to do some gay mentioning of people who made my fl experience more fun, you know who you are.

I might host a giveaway to give my money away (no promises) 

Little fella and I will be active on the forums terrorizing everyone from time to time same with discord, and I might join the server sometimes to farm more and have a little fun

If player count increases and more of the good old friends I have join back I might come back, but the way it’s looking now I won’t 

That’s all for me now fuck off.

Yours truly 

Little fella
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Seems like I win now. Thanks for the fun!
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Take care & stay safe!
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Goodbye, Dank
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