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Steam Name: xTreyALT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:496609289

BanID: 85233

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Pollux

Involved users
Just me I guess?

Why should you be unbanned?
Ok, so I just got onto the server after not playing for a long time this week and I've encountred no issues until today. I hoped on and bought the bank because I was gonna set up shop there. Lots of people raided the bank looking for the president so I joined them on the hunt and police were waiting outside for us and started blasting. In return 10 or more of us started shooting back. I only killed one or two police officers. After killing the second one who was AFK behind the cop car or doing something I don't know I picked up his weapon and poof, I was banned. I checked on the forums and it was for 'Hacking'. I don't get it. I've played on the server for slightly over 200 hours and this is the first time I got banned for exploiting which I never did, I have no idea where the idea of me expoliting came from. I hope that this can be seen for what it actually is as I never exploited on any server, espesically this one.
You were literally spinbotting.
Fearless Management
I don’t get how I was spinbotting, if I’m being completely serious I don’t even know what that is. Last time I ever used any type of exploit was on roblox when I was about 11. Never used any 3rd party applications to get an advantage of gmod.
Just for everyone's entertainment, here's a video:

You toggled in front of 6 admins, on top of that we even detected you using it and know exactly what cheat it was.

Denied, user punished for lying in the courthouse.
Fearless Management

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