look at that log
Steam Name: look at that log

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:120908670

BanID: 85223

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Violet DE Kittie

Involved users
look at that log, Violet DE Kittie

Why should you be unbanned?
I was driving my car along main street while beeping to make someone in the server laugh, when the admin (Violet DE Kittie) used her powers to remove my vehicle. I confronted her after being annoyed about my car being removed. Proceeded to not tell me why. So naturally I got a bit frustrated and called her a snowflake and a cry baby. After this, I was frozen, and banned for 10 days for disrespect.

I don't believe this is a fair punishment after recently being unbanned. And especially with Christmas around the corner I would like to enjoy the game with friends that are getting PC's for Christmas. And will obviously be unable to play with them as a result of my ban.

I hope you will review my case and come to a fair verdict this time. I also apologise to Violet DE Kittie.

Merry Christmas,


First, all I want remind you is Do Not Lying In courthouse. 
I have the solid evidence of what have you did and you know clearly why I DID remove your vehicle. And this is not the first time of you being Toxicity toward me, pass few days ago I did give you chance by kicked you from server for the same reason but you never learn your lesson as you still continued your toxicity by insulting me just because I'm a woman. I have witnesses for this incident too.
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UBR: #85223 / look at that log
Denied Due to no response for 7 days.
- The ban will stay on record.
- You will be warned for Lying on Courthouse
Thank you, Have a Good Day and Happy New Year.
Closed & Moved
Violet De Kittie
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