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look at that log
Steam Name: look at that log

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:120908670

BanID: 85223

Ban Reason

Staff Member: Violet DE Kittie

Involved users
look at that log, Violet DE Kittie

Why should you be unbanned?
I was driving my car along main street while beeping to make someone in the server laugh, when the admin (Violet DE Kittie) used her powers to remove my vehicle. I confronted her after being annoyed about my car being removed. Proceeded to not tell me why. So naturally I got a bit frustrated and called her a snowflake. After this, I was frozen, and banned for 10 days for disrespect.

I don't believe this is a fair punishment after recently being unbanned. And especially with Christmas around the corner I would like to enjoy the game with friends that are getting PC's for Christmas. And will obviously be unable to play with them as a result of my ban.

I hope you will review my case and come to a fair verdict this time. I also apologise to Violet DE Kittie.

Merry Christmas,

[Image: 2BWr4Gg.png]

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