[EVENT] Evocity's Got Talent
Time: 8:00 PM
Banner: https://i.imgur.com/5nkVfBK.png
Description: Talent Show

[Image: 5nkVfBK.png]
Wanna show off your talent and win a massive grand prize of A Million-Dollar & A Rolls Royce? Look no further than this year Evocity Got Talent hosted by Moonlite Production 
[Image: sYVCQBR.png]
What is Evocity Got Talent?
A television reality competition show where 6 contestants battle it out to win a grand prize of A Million-Dollars.  Have a song you wanna perform or show off your songwriting skills? This is your chance to claim your victory!
To Add: Now you can show any of your talents besides singing, including Magic Show, Acting, Dancing and etc!
Contestant, Judges & Host
Contestant (1/6):
1) Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE aka Paul McCartney
2) Jim 'Banner' Morello ( Ptn: John Morello )

Judges ( Will announce soon )
1) Wolf Shmicki - Wealthy Businessman & Music producer & Tax Collector
2) Edgar Halliwax - Fashion Designer
3) Ash Morello - Music Producer 
4) Jessica Summer - Singer & Model
This year's host will be Violet 'Kittie' Shmicki!

Wanna take part? All we ask you is to fill up the application form. Can be solo or with a partner (Max two-persons in the team)

What do you do for a living:

Steam Name:

Time, Date & Location
Time: Will Announce soon
Date: Will Announce soon
Location: Grassy Field
If you have any questions can kindly contact Violet 'Kittie' Shmicki (Violet De Kittie) for more info.
( Thank You, Jessica & Taxi  )
OOC Rules:
- You are allowed to play the music thru the mic, but with low volume.
- Do not use songs that contain racism or obscenity. ( You will be Kicked immediately if you do that, don't say I didn't warn you! )
Coming Soon With New Look!!
Name: walter white
Age: 40 years old
Hobbies: sitting on his arse
What do you do for a living: cooking meth
Partner: -

Steam Name: blaz
[Image: jgUSzW0.png]
Have I helped you or made an epic statement that has blown your mind and turned the tables?
Gimme a sexy lil rep here!
Name: Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE (Paul McCartney for short)
Age: 79
Hobbies: Telling stories about his songs
What do you do for a living: Singer / Songwriter (used to be a Beatle)
Partner: -

Steam Name: Arkten
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(11-20-2021, 11:03 AM)Arkten Wrote: -sip-
Accepted, Good Luck.
Coming Soon With New Look!!
Sadly we have to postpone Evocity's Got Talent Event due to a lack of contestants. However, The new date will be announced soon. Thank You.
Coming Soon With New Look!!
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Name: Jim 'Banner' Morello


Hobbies: Farming melons, gaming, hiking and going to the gym

What do you do for a living: Proud owner of Jim's Gym and part time work at Tegridy Farms, farming melons.

Partner: John Morello

Steam Name: NEMxDman

Our attendance at the event will depend on the date it takes place. When the date is officially announced I will confirm our attendance. 
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(11-27-2021, 02:51 PM)NEMxDman Wrote: - sip - 

Greeting Mr. Morello, We will announce the date very soon. Thank you
Coming Soon With New Look!!
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This event will be canceled for now. I will announce in the future once I decide the new date.
Thank you.
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