The Morello Family
Jim's Gym is officially now ready to open for business! Owned and run by The Morello Family

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You'll see me there often!
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Forgot to share my glorious blackmail-material propaganda of your leader

Warning, kinky!

Spoiler :
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xoxo John, pls dont kill my family

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The Morello Family wishes you a merry christmas
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Tegridy Farms a Morello Family Business
We're Now Open! place your orders!

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     Morello Family Application Template


Out Of Character Information: 
Steam Name -
Discord - 
Hours on Fearless -
Roleplay Play Points -
Reason why you want to join the Morello Family - 
In Character Information: 
Character Name -
Character Backstory - 
What styles of roleplay do you primarily do? -

You may send your application on the forums or in the Morello Family discord. (
Please attach any videos you have of you roleplaying.

  Once we review your application we will contact you on discord for an interview with the rest of the family
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The Morello Family welcomes Hugo Morello back to EvoCity after running family operations in Venice, Italy for many years! 

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The Morello Family welcomes Jack Morello back to EvoCity after running family operations in Mexico for 4 years! The family now has many connections all over the world for drug and weapons trade!

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Recently Randy has been working hard on his Bussiness
Tegridy Farms™ & Randys Bar
Morello Family Run Bussiness
(Here's Randy down on Tegridy farms)
Picture below
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**You walk to your front gate and find a basket full of fruits**

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