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Steam Name:MaXo



Ban Reason
Attempt to Crash the server on purpose and pretend to be innocent

Staff Member:Violet DE Kittie

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
I am sorry for trying to crash the server. I have no excuse for my actions whatsoever.
At the time I wasn't thinking about all the other players on the server and how it would impact their experience. I'll make sure not to ever repeat this mistake ever again.
I humbly ask for your forgiveness and I can assure you my mistake won't repeat itself ever again. I am sorry for any inconvenience I have caused.
Kind Regards,
Hello Maxo,

First let's me remind you that you did crash the server first and after the server back up you attempted to crash it again with stacking multiple tables into your vehicle and caused massively lags to everyone. However,  you fail to crash the server for second attempts and you decide to leave the server but before you leave the server, you say "f*** the server, laggy as sh**" on occ although you the one was cause it. Also, you did tell few peoples that "why do I care, it was fun". Now tell me, why do I need unban you when I don't believe that you change? Because with my experience with you, you was given chance before and oh look you still same and still immature.
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Hey Kittie,
I completely understand what you said, and when I first got banned, I was ignorant for what I'd done and how I'd ruined other players experiences. In addition, I have changed and I have no idea how you think that you know me, because you don't. I have changed. It has been around four months since my ban and I assure you I have changed for the better. I'm sorry for the times I was immature and rude towards you. I will only ask this one time to be forgiven, because I do love Fearless and the players on it. We should move past this.
Kind Regards,
Unban Request: #84889 / Maxo


Hello Maxo,
After discussing with other Admins, unfortunately, we decide to deny your Unban Request.
Your ban will expire as it is. This is because of the immature attitudes that you have shown in the past.
However, in the future, we hope that you will keep your promise as you mention and we suggest you re-read the rules to avoid punishment.

Have a Good day.

Violet De Kittie
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