Explain a Film Plot Badly
Billionaire wears Spandex & tights while beating up crazy person.

The Dark Knight
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Group of alpha males dies to a space lizard in central America

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Detective goes to an island to find mental patient but ends up being the mental patient 

Shutter Island
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Rock steals vase

Red Notice
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A guy that's alone in the forest kisses a dead body while seven other guys watch.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Businessman brings in 1000+ forced laborers and made them work for him at a government sponsored factory without a single pay, or they'll get killed.

Schindler's List
sword go bsstrsrststsrzzzzz black daddy go hgggggghhhhhhh hghhhhhhhhhhh hghhhhhhhh
user title was put to "one of the elders" by default, and holy shit does that sound extreme

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