Material Fix
All, is there a material fix pack for this map ?

First time logging on to a server in about a few years, subbed to all the workshops etc but have a few prop errors as well as a couple of map material errors.

I recall a fix pack in the old days ?
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Make sure to have CS:GO content as well, half of the people asking for help needed it.
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Whipped my old hardrive out the dead computer copying the CSGO and Hl2 add-on folders over.

Let's see what it does.
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Hmm some fixes sure, but that tunnel thing by the lake is a big sack of error material
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Did everything suggested here and still getting some purple and black especially off of reflective surfaces (water, marble floors, windows etc)

E: Found an article saying to try mat_specular 0 in the console

E2: The console command worked for me

Download riverden from the workshop and that will fix the cave
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Can I have a rep now
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Aight let me give that a try Dan the man
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