Glencore Gold Excavation
Its My Birthday! 
Date: 10/16/2021
Time: 19:00 PM
Description: Geologists recently discovered gold veins deep below the EvoCity, in the pristine and untouched lake valley. Scientific excavation sites were quickly seized by mysterious mainland contractor, who immediately dispatched a team of workers to claim the gold. The quiet lake valley is about to become noisy and dusty as the hunt for the gold begins.
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Glencore GmbH
Public Company Announcement

Dear citizens of EvoCity

The unofficial information from the EvoCity Department of Geology just went official. EvoCity mines are full of gold. The real shiny precious number 79 on the periodic table. Glencore GmbH immediately purchased and claimed the excavation sites and dispatched on-site security until we start the dig.

Our main excavation team is still dispatched deep in the east African forests, digging and defending the gold mines from local pirates. That's why we need you, citizens of EvoCity. Since we have no time to postpone the dig, we're assembling a local mining team, supervized by professionally trained Site Engineer. Where there's gold, there's money. We guarantee you high sallary for your duty. You will be issued professional equipment (pickaxes, furnaces, fuel) to smelt the ores into gold bullions. All the other metals are to be considered redundant.

Glencore GmbH is here for the gold, not for the money, that's why we're paying you higher than market price. Any treason, gold stealing or gold smuggling out of the mines into global public market will not be tolerated, since the gold already belongs to Glencore GmbH. We're paying you for the work, not for the gold. You will be paid by the bullion, not for the hours. Your payment is proportional to your hard work.


Glencore Supervisor  (1/1)
Glencore Supervisor is responsible for general supervision of the entire excavation
- Edgar Halliwax (Equinox)

Glencore Bookkeeper  (0/1)
Glencore Bookkeeper is responsible for requisition and purchase of gold from the workers and handing out salaries to all site workers

Glencore Agent  (1/3)
Glencore Agent is responsible for general peacekeeping, prevention of gold stealing and general work morale lifting actions to the workers
- Chad Lewis (Self)

Site Engineer  (1/1)
Site Engineer is responsible for planning and conducting the entire mining operation from engineering point of view
- Madelyn Smith (digitalclock)

Site Demolition Expert  (0/1)
Site Demolition Expert is responsible for professional handling, storage and usage of plastic explosives used in mining

Site Cantine Worker (1/2)
Site Cantine Worker is responsible for handing out meals and beverages to the workers
- Samantha Madelyn (Jessixa)

Site Truck Driver (1/1)
Site Truck Driver is responsible to drive excess gravel and metals from excavation site to EvoCity depony
- Mario Alonso (ART)

Site Worker (1/∞)
Site Worker is responsible for manual digging work and work with the furnaces
- Amir Safadi (Police Driver)

Application Template

Brief Description:

Steam Name:
Discord Tag (optional):

Event Details

Date and time: 09/10/2021 19:00 GMT+1 (can be subject to change)
Location: Main server, Lake Valley Mine

I recommend all participants to have quite a bunch of empty space in their inventory, since mining can quickly fill up your inventory.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on discord, I'm available all the time

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Name:Samantha Madelyn
Age: 23
Role: Site Cantine Worker 
Brief Description: A young blonde woman who is currently thinking about what to do next after her graduation from Uni. Thinking about looking for an part time job to support herself , she was recommended by a friend to work as a Cantine worker to earn some extra cash before moving on to find something big. 

Steam Name: Jessixa
Discord Tag (optional): Jesnake#8956
Hours: 4401
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Name: Mario Alonso
Age: 42
Role: Site Truck Driver
Brief Description: Truck Driver that needs work to feed his Italian Family.

Steam Name: ART
Discord Tag (optional): ART#9328
Hours: +- 1100h
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Dear Jessixa and ART!

Your applications are ACCEPTED

You are now official Glencore partners, more information will follow. Thank you
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Name: Madelyn Smith
Age: 28
Role: Site Engineer
Brief Description: A young budding engineer in the world of civil and constructing engineering. Always dreamed for a big promotion and this was her chance to help operate a mine while earning more money to allow a comfortable life, Very experienced in the industry and surprisingly capable for being such a young engineer.

Steam Name: [FL:RP]digitalclock
Discord Tag (optional):digitalclock#3850
Hours: 1000+
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:0:88195917&b=1]
Dear digitalclock!

Your application is ACCEPTED

You are now official Glencore partner, more information will follow. Thank you
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Name: Amir Safadi
Age: 27
Role: Site Worker
Brief Description: Im a 27 year old guy that likes driving, I can also speak German and my parents are saying im good at searching , i love dirt and gold.

Steam Name: Police Driver
Discord Tag (optional): Police Driver#9971
Hours: 140+
Dear Police Driver!

Your application is ACCEPTED

You are now official Glencore partner, more information will follow. Thank you
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Name: Chad Lewis
Role: Glencore Agent
Brief Description:

Steam Name: self
Discord Tag (optional):
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Thanks White Wolf for the signature!

Dear Self!

Your application is ACCEPTED

You are now official Glencore partner, more information will follow. Thank you
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