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* Arny it does.
* Pollux how did I not know this was a thing
Fearless Management
* Slaint shoots arny and pollux
* frost inhales

* frost exhales

give me rpp
can someone please delete this thread i want a trigger warning for the colours, the english languge and men
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Have I helped you or made an epic statement that has blown your mind and turned the tables?
Gimme a sexy lil rep here!

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* Ducktard unholsters his standard issued USP raising it up toward his target. He pulls the trigger, sending lethal 9mm rounds toward his target hoping to neutralise them.
Where am I?
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* Conn is this thing working?

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* Lewwings enters this thread expecting something of quality, but after a brief scanning of the posts; discovers a lack of any intelligible meaning and leaves with a slightly reduced IQ
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hey nice thread idiot
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