Reported User(s): Yujin

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142960071

Date & Time (GMT): 22/8/21 @ 14:00 GMT

Summary of the incident
I had received information from other players regarding Yujin and using some form of hacks to his advantage (wallhacks was specifically mentioned), but they had not had footage to prove it. This I believe proves that this may have been the case in previous instances as well as proving that the player in question did use them specifically in this one.

In summary, the player shot through the back of the wall to kill me, despite not knowing my location and where to shoot to kill me (including the fact that he shot me through a solid wall), thus indicating that they must have used some form of wallhacks to scope out my location and abuse the fact to their advantage.

Seen in the footage, a police officer rams the door, at which I open fire for a short period, then duck behind cover for a bit. I poke my head back out and shots are exchanged, at which I notice that I am somehow being shot from the back. The exchange pauses, then continues for a bit, at which the final blow was delivered. The footage makes it seem as if the officer standing out the front had actually shot and killed me, but I was at that point behind the cover, and the console logs clearly show that somehow Yujin managed to kill me despite not being in the front doorway shooting with the officer. Yujin had in fact run around the back (you can hear this before the shots are fired) and waited until the officer started shooting so that they could shoot me from behind, in an attempt to mask the fact that I was being fired at from behind. I also believe this was to make sure that they had the officer at the front land the fatal blow so that they would not be caught, however the console logs show this wasn't the case.

Yujin must have known my location in relation to the back wall of the house, as they would not have been able to so accurately fire rounds at me otherwise, therefore indicating that they used some form of hacks to gain an advantage (as well as the fact that they shot me through the wall).

The footage isn't the best, but it clearly shows that I was being shot from the back, and that Yujin was not at the front with the officer (which means that they cannot possibly have shot and killed me without using hacks).
Hello @Ranch the Deer
Thank you for posting this player report on @Yujin!
It is now under review!
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Hello @Ranch the Deer
Thank you for posting this player report on @Yujin


The accused is not found guilty of what he is accused of in this player report.

  After reviewing the provided evidence I have come to the conclusion that I don't believe this is a case of wallhack. I believe there's a simple answer to why this raid played out like it did. First of all the building you are hiding in is quite common on other maps too which means the player has a chance of knowing where to shoot in order to hit you, it also seems like he opened to front door to check where you were standing in order to know where to shoot. It could also be a case of him simply just shooting randomly through the wall around the area where the staircase is which seems to the a common spot to be sitting when defending this house.

Thank you once again for posting this player report!
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