Well, this is it.
Hey FL, its been quite the journey throughout the past few years I've had a lot of fun playing and meeting people but it is time for me to go. I've met so many people on FL and make lots of friends here, I dont know what I would have done without Fearless. There's so many people that have helped me and been really nice to me on FL, I can't list everyone but I will list a few.

Grizzly - The first person to actually help me through the server and tell me not to.. be a minge...
Dae and @zira (pls stop changing your name) - Dae and zira were very kind to me when I was on the server, they helped me make money and they were the ones that introduced me to discord
ART - Art is a kind person and quite helpful and good at AggresiveRP
Lewwings - There is alot I can say about lewwings but I know he's going to fax all this out so I won't make it too long, Lewwings is a great person, he's really nice to everyone on Fearless, he knows literally everything about it and he was kind enough to message me when I started playing and posting on the forum and he gave me some advice about it and of course he told me to stop minging and impersonating him and his 'Fwend FlexBread45'
Blaz - he's been around since I started playing FL again and I'm really glad I met him, we have done great RPs together and great.. Acts... But nonetheless he has been a great friend and I don't know what I would have done without him, he also introduced me to some other people.
@"Coded Wolf" - many people will know White Wolf (Or more known as SolderInDuty) Wolf has helped me and has always been a great friend since I joined FL, I'm running out of things to say so I'm gonna leave it at that
Edned - Edned is a great SuperAdmin and has always been there if I needed to ask a stupid question, he answers anything I ask (I have no idea why) and has always been helpful.
Dan and Jakey - Daniel and Jakey are great people to talk to and I would not be where I am if it wasn't for them I am really glad I met them they are the best admins on fearless (No offense to other admins) and I am really glad I met them.
@"Lt. Jeff" - Jeff is a nice person to talk to and has been a great police partner when they played
JohnSilver - I didn't interact much (if at all) with JohnSilver when I joined but in this past year he's been a nice person to talk to and impersonate, he even got the honor to be the first person to Perma ban me and then remove it!
Estleback Corporation - The 4th clan I have joined on FL they helped me get better at aggressive rp and the people in it were really nice to me, it is a fantastic organisation to be in and I encourage people to apply to join it.
kevin the god - Kevin is a nice person when you get past the mingy side, he even let me join his clan!
Wolfy - I haven't really interacted with wolfy that much but I just want to say, watch out. if you see a green mini with a man in a yellow suit. It's Wolfy and you should run as fast as you can.
Haarek - Haarek has let me be involved in many of his RPs and let me help build one of them aswell.
Jessixa - Jessica was the first person to let me into a Event and hosts great Roleplays/Events
Lifesence and Alessi - The last org I was in before I left. If I wasn't in this organisation then I wouldn't have some of the friends that I have now and I would still be ridiculously poor, alessi have had a bad rep in the past but now it is great and tbh I think it always has been great and I think anyone who isn't in a org and enjoys agg rp should join them

There is so many other people that have helped me through my time on FL and I thank everyone for it, sorry if your not on the list Tounge
Some of you may know that I've applied for Staff and EC and sadly it got denied but it is quite understandable lol. Thank you all for the support and kindness in my time on FL I really couldn't have hoped for a better community to join, it has been amazing meeting you all and I may come back and if I do I hope to see you all again I will probably hop on the server from time to time and finally I will NOT be giving away my inventory & money. That's all I have to say.

Goodbye, Slaint.
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Slaint, it's been nothing short of a pleasure.

Take care out there!
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Hope to see you again one day in the future my friend!

I wish you the best in your future!

I am always here if you are wanting to chat as well pal!
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Sorry to see you go, hope to see you back at some point. Good luck in whatever you do.
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Can I have a rep now
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So sad to see you go dear but I'm really proud of you. You have grown so much and its an honor to be mention. Hopefully you can stop by the community and visit my Rp sometimes ♡^▽^♡
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Life is kind to those who are kind to themselves. So, make yourself the first priority before anything else. Take care always.
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Sad to see ya go my mans. Best of luck in your future endeavors and hope to see ya again!
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Was I able to help you out? Feel free to give me a rep point here!
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not good roleplay moment Sad
take care mate
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Of course sad to see such a valued player leave us.
My hope is that you come back soon, we will welcome you with open arms!

Goodbye for now.
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