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Steam Name: fetty

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:240237739

BanID: 85019

Ban Reason

Staff Member: daniel

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
i dint break feurp feurp mean your under gun point dosnt mean  revegens and if you cant revegns  then it schboud be complity be under ohter  rules next time perm ban   so people can rdm cdm and break feurp but when i do it i get no waring at all you just  ban me  not even talk to and you suposte be admin please clear your  mind and do   your job next time
Thank you for posting this UBR fetty

I was sent clips of you breaking FearRP and you had already left the server considering the number of hours you have and your punishment history. You should know a lot better at this point, why should the removal or the length of the ban be considered?

I suggest putting effort into this UBR as currently, it doesn't seem any has been put in.
 [Image: wS5L2y0.png]
first of  all dint break feurp i listen the all way  till then and it mabay took time but i did so no reson to push me and
secd of all if he had a bid why dont i get to see it then and  dert off all peole  who get  band have right to see evendinse whit no evedindes provided by admin/player  then people who get  band can claim  noe evince and  that ther is people lying about just so they get ban for no reson
 [Image: wS5L2y0.png]

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