The Rolex Corporation
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We Are The Rolex Corporation
We are an active private organization that leads Evocity in Real Estate,Business ownership,Import/Export and goods traffic though a network of trusted allies and approved methods.
Our History
Our story begins when 2 business associates decided to open a Rolex Timepiece Botique down at Evocity at the Year 1977. In the first years business was great at the shop and those associates decided to try and expand.
The expansion sadly failed and the associates got in big debt. Then they thought about a plan, a plan to rob the Bank of America.
In the year 1989 Vincent "Ruthless" Hayes and Jake "Xesus" Turner Successfully robbed the Bank of America for a total of 17 Million USD. They both were trialed to face 15 years each but the case dropped due to the lack of evidence.
After the trial ended Vincent departed and went to Italy to separate their ways and keep a low profile.
In the year 2006 Vincent got a call from Razor Turner,Jake's son and Razor said his Father was in trouble and he was told to call Vincent. Vincent rushes back to Evocity to find Jake with 3 gunshots to his chest.
After Jake's short recovery they decide its time to create a crime enterprise, to get vengeance and get money.
The Rolex Corporation Nowadays
The Rolex Corporation Headquarters are located in Evocity's J&M Building.
Providing a secluded workspace to all its employees whilst giving them access to all city benefits
[Image: vaQUTYN.jpg]
The headquarters have a furnished 24/7 manned lobby to welcome all the comers
[Image: U5HAAf0.jpg]
The headquarters are also home to a conference room that all relevant employees can be in a discussion
[Image: 4IMd3Qr.jpg]
We also offer 2 meals a day at local restaurants and transport via subway
Want to join us in our operation? Great , use this template and comment on this thread using the template
Application Template
Technical Elements:
Steam name:
Roleplay Points:
Hours :
Number of bans and last ban(time and reason):
Number of blacklists and last blacklist(time and reason):
RP Elements :
What are your 3 Strongest qualities?:
Would you call yourself independent?:
Why would you like to join The Rolex Corporation?:
Are you a trustworthy person?:
Do you consider yourself a good fighter?:
Tell us a little about yourself:
If we see you fitting with our organization we will contact you and set an interview ingame
Signed by Vincent "Ruthless" Hayes and Jake "Xesus" Turner
Vince        J.T
Best Regards
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Recently we had talks within the organization about expanding into other branches ,Further information will be given in the future
[Image: F6wBkob.jpg]
Best Regards
As we announced previously , The corporation has expanded
We are more than happy to introduce our gigantic new headquarters right outside of Evocity
[Image: a89gGir.jpg]
As well we are happy to announce the opening of our new downtown shop for Weapons And Black Market Supplies
[Image: ?imw=5000&imh=5000&ima=fit&impolicy=Lett...rbox=false]
For our investors and associates, The shipment of the newest weaponry and drugs have arrived to Evocity
[Image: 8Nc1OwZ.jpg]
1 truck out of 38 that arrived
That's It for this update
Thank you , The Rolex Corporation
Best Regards
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Posting your crimes online is always a good idea
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This organisation has been closed if you want to re-open it contact a member of staff.

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