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I am being mentioned alot in this thread and I am pretty much one of those accused of raiding at the time and I was also involved in the second admin sit so I believe I deserve to make a post here. I will do my best to keep this as my only post though so I most likely won't reply to anything if I don't feel it's nessecary for the case. I was together with the Shmicki Family members the whole time from when we became the role to when I went AFK just a few minutes (5 minutes?) before this shooting happened.

What I think Kittie is trying to say is that the reason you were punished for these actions is because it was purely based on assumptions and not facts which lead to innocent players being sniped by you at distance while they posed no threat at all. As Kittie has already stated, no member of the Shmicki Family was involved in this raid. This violated rule "[3.1] Do not harm/kill people randomly (RDM); you must have a valid roleplay reason (a person's job or being a criminal is not a valid reason), for example protecting your property during a raid." This counts as RDM because your reason to shoot and kill in this case isn't sufficient enough as you never knew for a fact these were the correct players, for it to be valid you need to be 100% sure it were these players raiding you. If players were allowed to kill others based on assumptions it would be a freecard to kill anybody since they could make up a quick story that they assumed the killed player did something towards them.

At the house you never attempted to put the players under FearRP and carry out a roleplay which you had every opportunity in the world to do and this mistake violates rule "[3.1a] Violence should always be the last option" which is why you were handed a punishment for it alongside RDM since you also shot unarmed people without any warning at all. Kittie was peacefully in a passive state of mind making coffee without being armed but you still decided to shoot her without knowing if she was part of the people you were hunting. Keep in mind that just because our organisations had a little IC beef the server rules still has to be followed. The beef has however ended as for today since we were invited to sit down to come to an agreement.

To summerize it all. you weren't sure if it was us that did it because like you said, you weren't there when you were raided by other players, which means you shouldn't even had gone out to hunt anyone down for it. Since you did it lead to nothing but innocent players being shot and killed which is the main issue and that is also is why you were punished for it. In the future you should do some fact checking to prevent shooting at the wrong people, if you aren't sure you are hunting the correct players you shouldn't hunt them at all. You should keep your trigger finger in check.

I hope this clears up some questions in this AA to why things turned out they did.
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