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Steam Name: legendarymh4

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0;523313900

BanID: 84930

Ban Reason

Staff Member: daniel

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
it was miss understanding i switched to president to do new laws and fix some issues on the city as a roleplay daniel thought i switched to place speedbumbs and its powergaming i didnt switch to place speedbumbs am trying to play as a roleplay and not breaking any rules it was miss understanding am sorry for the issues i caused
-- Involved (the user who reported you) --

You were inside of nexus holding the president hostage your demand was for them to let you place speed bumps. then the rest of the Corleone (same job as you) busted inside of nexus guns blazing you and the corleone killed the president. then you switched straight to president job and you're Corleone friends switched to other gov jobs

The video I provided daniel with:

If staff require there's an extended clip I can upload.
[Image: get.php?s=STEAM_0:1:116551935&b=22]
riggs those corleone was on my job i didnt know who are they anyways they just work with the same job as me that doesnt mean they are my friends  and secound thing i got blacklist for that i got banned as daniel said powergaming which i didnt switch to place speedbumbs it was miss understanding
Thank you for creating this UBR,

You were banned for the following reason:
"Powergaming | Invalid reason to raid nexus to \"place speed bumps\" | Take a break and finally read the rules"

The speedbumps were a lead up to your ban as cars could not get over them I teleported you told you not to use them and removed all your props. Later on, I received another @ call stating you placed them again so I issued a blacklist. Another @ call was made to state you raided the president to "place them" (prior to the blacklist being issued.) this raid can be seen below in Rigg's Post this clearly shows you taking the president hostage (this was done while the tax was on 20% and there were no laws that would dramatically affect your life). During the @ sit with you, you was changing stories such as you wanted to be pres so you can use them etc.

Why should I consider removing this ban?
 [Image: wS5L2y0.png]
The Player has given no response to the Admin question for seven days.
However, there are few Admins, including my self has been a witness to your immature attitudes on the server nowadays. You being so aggressive when an Admin tries to explain that you have been breaking the rules and you start the flame on OOC to blaming the Admins and other players. Please read the rules and understand them, "I read the rules already" is not going to help you if you do not understand them.
Your ban will still stay on your record.

Have a Good Day Legendarymh4.

Closed & Moved
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