Sane and Versace
Reported User(s): Sane and Versace

Reported User's SteamID: STEAM_0:0:549782939

Date & Time (GMT): 4/5/21 @ 07:16 GMT

Summary of the incident
Steam ID of sane: STEAM_0:1:156023276

They were going around shooting and killing people randomly, in this particular event I was being spawn killed multiple times. Sane, was also doing all this as a gun dealer as well.

Video evidence:
Thank you for your report,

The accused user has been found to be breaking the following rule(s):

[3.1] Do not harm/kill people randomly (RDM); you must have a valid roleplay reason (a person's job or being a criminal is not a valid reason), for example protecting your property during a raid.

The accused user will receive a 1-hour blacklist.

Closed & Moved.
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