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Killing a handcuffed suspect with an ASP baton | Violence has to be the last resort

Staff Member: Pollux

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I have no clue

Why should you be unblacklisted?
I was offline when it was issued. nobody has made a PR or got in contact giving me any way to explain.
Could you give me some context to the situation?

also, the most likely case is that I tried to knock them unconscious but they were on low HP and it was accidental.
please provide me with a video or something on this situation.
I didn't get a chance to speak to you as you disconnected very soon after the incident and I had to deal with another sit before I could speak to you.

You straight up executed ZickPhin with an ASP baton. They were already extremely low due to yourself and another SWAT officer shooting them when we entered the nexus (they had a move bodies tool out, I can understand why as it would look like they're holding a gun from a distance). Luckily I was able to call out they were unarmed in time to prevent you guys from killing them and I managed to handcuff them. While I was typing out a warrant, you hit the user in the head with an ASP baton which killed them instantly due to them already being low on health and a ASP baton to the head doing around 20hp of damage. You should have already know they were low as you shot them while we entered.

I found you hitting a heavily injured handcuffed suspect in the head with an ASP baton, resulting in their death, a direct breach of rule 3.1a:

Rule 3.1a Wrote:Violence should always be the last option.

It was frustrating more than anything as the situation was completely under control, I had them in cuffs and I was just about to get a warrant to be able to arrest them. A suspect in handcuffs is not a threat to you in the slightest, your officer isn't corrupt either so that factor is gone too. This is your second infraction in a very short period of time for the same rule (3.1a) being broken as an officer. Unfortunately while I do have evidence of this occurring, I am unable to present it to you due to admin tools being visible. This situation is recent though and I'm sure you'll remember it.

I don't see any reason to lift this blacklist and I do really advise you chill a bit while playing an officer and try to prevent injury if possible rather than cause it.

Developer & Trial Admin

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(Thanks Chumps!)
(04-19-2021, 02:51 AM)Pollux Wrote: You straight up executed ZickPhin

This situation is recent though and I'm sure you'll remember it.
ok, I can kinda understand. but I've not been in a situation with you and a person getting shot with move body tool out. this could be due to my memory issues which I believe I have. or it's just that it's completely made up. now without proof, I find this really unjust.
especially with no PR or sit being made with me involved to explain or even have a word in before I get instantly blacklisted with nobody speaking to me. Either way, it was most likely an accident and clearly wasn't meant to kill them. the intent was to knock them unconscious.

you said `You straight up executed ZickPhin` which is not valid at all. i would not execute a suspect. ever
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Hello Riggs,

As I remember, I did give you a warning about the familiar situation a few days ago for you hit the cuffed player with ASP Baton and killed them, and it's not the first time you do this. There is unnecessary to knock them unconscious when they are harmless. Like Pollux say, You should follow rule 3.1a Violence should always be the last option. Just because He can't show the evidence, it's doesn't mean this blacklist invalid as he says, the evidence is cant be shown due to admin tools being visible so do mine. However, I will Deny this Unblacklist request as the blacklist is valid and next time, please follow the rules.


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