I recently (about a year ago) started plane spotting as I was in a bad state of mental health and needed something to do to get me out of the deep hole I was in. Anyway I spot at DSA (Doncaster Sheffield Airport) I use a canon EOS 4000D. I’ll post some of my favourite pictures below! Let me know if you have a similar interest to me. Lastly, you may have seen this posted before. Just thought I’d move it to the correct location haha!

[Image: idcMorQ.jpg]
[Image: KiWthrP.jpg]
[Image: FAOZC06.jpg]
[Image: 7oJoVaS.jpg]
[Image: X24r7nj.png]
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This is one remarkable passion to have, I can definitely see the appeal.
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What a beautiful country, I can definitely see why you'd find peace
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fucking love planes
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the fbi gonna be showing up
Yeah, a good friend of mine from VATSIM is also a plane spotter at Oslo Lufthavn Gardemoen ENGM. Decent pictures!
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