Okay... just to break this up a little bit.

I was not role-playing in any sort of way at that moment. Me talking OOC to Rocky has nothing to do with Roleplay. Also, it's quite tricky to say "I shouldn't join a roleplay server when I can't handle something like that", the Problem is: I didn't give you my consent at all - which does mean this was not RP, which means it was directed towards me, as a person.

And by the way, yes, I was stressed out already before this happened, because of your arrest that was not against the law but against the rule because it was FailRP, such as being tazed 3 times without proper reason etc. Sadly, I don't have that recorded - but anyways, this isn't the topic here right now.
Although, it doesn't change the fact that I do really feel discremenated by you calling me such name(s).
My expierince on FearlessRP in the last couple of weeks where quite... mixed. Because of stuff like this. I don't know whats wrong with being German, but it seems like Fearless has a problem with Germans. (The Playerbase, not the Admins. And ofcourse not all players...)
And this is why I really suggest you two shouldn't be unbanned.


A. It wasn't RP, you didn't get my consent at all.
B. You didn't apologize, like... not even now. You don't care at all. This specially is shown by your reaction... whatever is "thrown against you", you seem to be dodging it quite shady. Atleast in my opinion. You're just trying to find loopholes and try to find something to counter attack... which you should _not_ in an UNBANREQUEST... where you should try to understand why you where banned, explain your point of view and might consider apologizing to the person (if you did) that you hurt / discreminated / not acted nice to.
Try to work something out how to prevent such problems/szenarios in the future.

Even if you didn't intend to target me with your stupid comment - you where saying it because of the 2 only German people around, that where talking German at that moment.
And I felt targeted. And thats *your* mistake, Academy. Stand up for your flaws and mistakes.


You can't compare insulting an entire culture to calling someone a "dirty thief"
Not even remotely the same

Yours Truly,
Ryan x
Fearless Administrator

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