Server Restart lost seeds and plots.
Hello so this happend to me before. On server restarts early in the days. Suddenly chat says " Server restart in 4 min " And I have no chance on doing anything about me just planted my best seeds. First time it happend I couldn't record it so I gave up on getting refound. This time I recorded it I had plantet 15 tomatoes 15 pumpkins on my 6 plots. I will link a video of proof. As I am showing in chat, when server restart is only 4 min warning there is no chance of my plants growing finish. And so I lost full plate of the best seeds. I would very much like to hear from you about this problem.  Tear
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Hey markusln1!

Sad to hear about your problem. Next time try to don't plant rare seeds when the server about to restart because rare seeds take more time than common. If I'm not wrong, you can pick plant seed back to your inventory when 10% or 5% plus growing percentage. So you can pick them back.

Well, I let you know another trick, when the server about to restart and your plats are already grown half of the percentage. Just disconnect and connect back. So it automatically refunds it
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Give this man a refund Sad
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