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[FL] ryan
Your Name: Aero

Accused Staff Member: [FL] ryan

Involved users
Aero, nvality,[FL] ryan

Date & Time (GMT): 15/3/21 @ 17:44 GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power,Infringement of the rules

Explanation and Evidence
I was the passenger in the Tesla. FL Ryan lodged us into a corner that we couldn't get out of. He was still in his car at the time as can be seen by the footage, he then takes out his gravity gun to move us to the other side of the road, where we "resume" and he is out of the car with a gun on the side of the road so that we are under FearRP. If this weren't a game-issue or an admin-needed situation due to us getting stuck, we would have been able to escape as the Tesla is faster and more powerful and if we were simply pushed into the wall we would have been able to  outpower his car and get away. Also, if we "paused" the roleplay right when we got stuck, we should have "resumed" RP in the exact positions we were prior, meaning we should have been un-stuck but against the wall with Ryan's car rammed into ours, while he is still in his vehicle. He lets both of us go after OOC conversations, then overhears Ethan/nvality call him "stupid" and "immature" which was in character, and bans him immediately afterward. I did not know hurting someone's feelings was bannable, especially in character. Obviously it's a question of "ifs and buts" as Ryan put it exactly, however Ryan's defense was this IF we resumed roleplay where we left off then he would have FearRP'd us after ramming us, however you can clearly see we officially land in the stuck part of the map at :05 when he doesn't even leave his car until :09, meaning we would've had a decent amount of time to speed away after getting hit into the wall. We resumed the roleplay with Ryan right next to our car and FearRPing us. This is clearly using admin powers to his advantage.

I also would like to add (though it isn't very relevant to this specific report), that I have had bad experiences with Ryan in the past. After 5+ hours of building on the build server, the server was about to restart. I did not receive a warning, and Ryan comes on less than 10 seconds before the server restarts and says "DONT BUILD LOL". The server then shuts down, and wasn't back on for about two hours. /restoreprops didn't work, and I lost over 200 props. Instead of giving us a warning, he comes on and says an unprofessional message after which I lost all my hard work that I was looking forward to saving as a dupe to use on the real server. That's all.
Restart situation had nothing to do with Ryan, that was a decision made by us (development). Server maintenance was announced on discord long before it was taken down, however we will try also make an announcement on the server in the future.

Just wanted to clear up your last paragraph as it has nothing to do with Ryan, that was us.
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This is just a copy and paste of my other AA...

You haven't clarified anymore information than the other.
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Your friend only recently made another AA which was invalid, please calm down and take some time before making another one on the said Administrator. As Pollux has pointed out, the build situation was no fault of his and warning was given prior to its maintenance. We will try and make this more apparent in the future if we are to go under maintenance again
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