Steam Name: Devas

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:61182541

BlacklistID(s): 110067

Blacklist Reason
Crime in Public.

Staff Member: Dragnort

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Why should you be unblacklisted?
7.1 You can't commit crimes in public and you must have a valid roleplay reason (you can rob a store in public if deemed safe to do so). Public locations are the city, Metro stations and Connectivity road.

Having a gun in the city would be a crime, but would not be punishable.
Everyone knows this, and loads of people walk around in the city while having weapons.

I got punished for pulling a gun from my inventory yet there should be no difference between having a gun already or getting a gun ready.

I feel as my blacklist is highly unnecessary and bias, as I don't see everyone else who walks around in the city with a weapon getting blacklisted.

The admin had a bias towards Uex and took it upon himself to put his personal dislike to me into a blacklist, while finally having what he thought would be a valid reason but should never be.
Hi Devas.

You were in a public area with your job as unemployed. You were with your friend who were going to be getting arrested you then started pulling out a weapon to counteract this in whatever way you could.

By doing this you are indeed breaking the crime in public rule along with failrp/fearrp. By pulling a gun out while your friends are under gunpoint of the Officer and without the proper roleplay job set.

I look forward to hearing your reply.

-Removed by Steven8ken

Unemployed does not ban you from having weapons, I do not understand why you even bring up the job in this case.

I was not with a friend, and I was not getting arrested. I did also not pull the weapon to counteract anything... don't know where you got that false information from.

Most of what you just said is completely made up therefore I did not do crime in public nor did I break fea... where THE FUCK did fearrp come from. In my eyes, there was no situation and I pulled my gun to have for further roleplay.

You decided to blacklist me all to make your friend Uex happy. Could you stop taking sits from Uex as you are biased to him?
Hi Devas,

You were shown the video of the situation which depicted what happened and you neglected to even acknowledge it.

Please in the future remember to not pull out guns to commit crimes in public as you should be expected to not want to be caught in character.


-Removed by Steven8ken

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