Gamemode Lagging out - saved items?
Title of Bug: Lagging out - saved items?

When you lag out your contraband is supposed to stay in-game however from personal experience and through a lot of testing thanks to bad wifi, only the money printers stay and the drug labs do not stay so then you have to rebuy all 5 drug labs over and over and over (also plant waste and ores do not always restore when I rejoin for some reason)

So recently I saw that the ores and plant waste stay however with testing the drug labs always disappear
They should stay for 1 hour if I'm right
(03-12-2021, 05:48 AM)SolderInDuty Wrote: They should stay for 1 hour if I'm right
From what I experience, drug labs don't even stay money printers do, and sometimes my ores in my furnace and plant waste in composter are there and sometimes they say 0/10 or 0/15 even tho they were full =/
well when ive timed out recently i didnt lose my contra or weed, but i did lose my furnace.
for me, my issue is if I do contra, my money printers stay however my drug labs don't so I have to rebuy 5 drug labs each time I lag out which on some days, I lag out a lot
If someone attempts to use contraband from a disconnected player, it destroys itself - this is to prevent people from "gifting" each other their contraband and making stupid amounts of money. I've not been able to reproduce the bug as stated so I'm going to assume that is why they went.

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