Steam Name: Boogz

SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:108038817

BanID: 84304

Ban Reason
Double Account 2x

Staff Member:  Violet DE Kittie Malaysia

Involved users

Why should you be unbanned?
Your name: Boogz

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:108038817

Your ban ID: 84304

Banned by: Violet DE Kittie Malaysia

Reason: Double Account 2x

Involved: Boogz

Why we should unban you: I deserve another chance to change my actions around when im on the server
Hello Boogz, 
You do had your chance when you get ban for six months after you made first Double Account. However, you ignored your chance and came up with another Double Account. If you think you deserve another chance you should made UBR instant of second Double Account. According to Rule 4: Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules

Have a good day.

With kind,
Violet De Kittie Malaysia
[Image: RNrUJIS.png]
This can be final chance if i mess up then no more chances
(02-23-2021, 04:49 AM)Boogz Wrote: This can be final chance if i mess up then no more chances
How do you think I will trust you while you have multiple ban for same reason. We, Admins ban you for you take your time to read the rules and come back with good attitude but in your case you still break the same rules and get ban for same reason over and over.
[Image: RNrUJIS.png]
Hello Boogz!


You double accounted to avoid an already existing ban which is something we find quite serious. Your unban request will therefore be denied.

Have a good day.

Best Regards,
Violet De Kittie Malaysia
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