An overdue introduction.
So, I just realised I haven't introduced myself yet, may as well do it now.

Hi, I'm Blaz the professional loser. Pleasure to meet you, you may know me by now which is a good thing. I'm from the UK, I rarely use my mic and I love dogs. If you have any questions you'd like to know about me, leave them below. ^^

I've had Garry's Mod for a very very long time, I just sort of had it there. I then decided one day to try out Nazi Germany, and fell in love with the game. I then realised "Why am I roleplaying being a Nazi?" so instead I try CityRP, and fall in love again. I just simply loved how things clicked together like jigsaw pieces and functioned.

Anyway, I'll be here for a while. Better get used to having me around.

See you on the server!! Wink
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In other words, welcome (officially), Blaz!
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Here's an overdue welcome then

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Welcome Smile
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Welcome blaz!
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Welcome Blaz! See you on the server.
Kind Regards,
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Welcome. You seem like a good lad, don't change.
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Welcome Blaz!
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Welcome, hope to see you around sometime Wink
Kind Regards,
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Hey Blaz. Welcome.
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