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Your Name: dob

Accused Staff Member: taxi

Involved users

Date & Time (GMT): 10/1/21 @ 9pm ? GMT

Abuse of Power? and/or Infringement of the rules?
Abuse of power

Explanation and Evidence
UBR reference:

So I was banned for: RDM, Breaking NLR, Crime in the city - Should definitely know better 

Taxi abused his powers by making up a reason to ban me and cox. This is the second time now Taxi has banned me (within the last week) without allowing me to defend myself. Please also look here: 

In that PR, Taxi banned me for RDM (3.1) and Crime in the city (7.1).... notice a coincidence? The same rules I have been banned for, a second time now by Taxi. 

I got this removed, as I had a valid reason to kill those people. In that case, there was a video to help my defense thank god. However, in this case, there is no video... so how has Taxi abused his powers? 

As mentioned in my recent UBR, I was banned out of the blue, during an RP. I was not bought to a roof or sent a message about why I was banned. This means that Taxi cannot know the reason for why I killed those people and the same applies to other accused rule breakages. As mentioned, this does not follow Administrative guidelines. Just because I have 1.6k hours, Taxi still needs to follow protocol and inform me of his banning decision. Taxi has abused his powers and showed a bias to get me banned. 

How can I defend myself without a recording? I can't defend myself at all, Taxi has banned me later on after the rule breakage because he knows I can't clip any recent incidents or have proof. He also didn't give me a chance to defend myself on the server, so how am I supposed to remember the full details? I can't even remember what I ate for dinner yesterday. Taxi has targeted me (god knows why I have never spoken to him) to ban me from Fearless. 

This is a clear abuse of his power and I hope that the staff member dealing with this case can fully understand my frustration of this whole situation as I now have a ban which is invalid lay on my record forever all because Taxi did not follow protocol, abusing his admin powers to suit himself. I feel targeted and miss treated by Taxi, consequently, hope that my ban can be removed and Taxi can be dealt a fair punishment as this is the second time he has not allowed me to defend myself in the courthouse and in-game. That is extremely unfair and I hope you can see why I feel targeted by this Admin.
Taxi you were quick to make a hidden reply, how long can I expect until you address me personally?
I would also like to add, which I did not pick up on before, that in Cox's UBR ( Taxi denied it 27 minutes after posting.

Taxi has again abused his powers by not following basic protocol and denied Cox's UBR without allowing him the chance to reply, breaking the rule: 

"The player requesting an unban must be given at least one further response to the admin's initial reply. The only exception to this is if the UBR is very clearly a troll UBR."

It implies that Taxi simply wants to keep Cox banned, not wanting to hear him out. This shows how Taxi won't bother communicating in-game, or on the courthouse for us to try and defend ourselves; implying he wants to keep us banned for a random reason he has made up.

He also did the same thing on a player report I referred to in the OP. You can see Taxi has a tendency to make conclusions without seeing both sides of the story. So not only does he handle cases extremely unfair and bias, abusing his admin abilities to make unnecessary final decisions without seeing both sides to the story. 

This is just my experience, quite literally my only experience with Taxi, and I already have shown you, Admins, how abusive he is with his powers and incapable of carrying out the most basic Admin duties.
Hello Dob!

I am sorry you feel mistreated and targeted but I can assure you that is definitely not the case. You mentioned before that you have never spoken to me and that you don’t know me and therefore I am in the same situation, I don’t know anything about you so why would I all of the sudden target you? I don’t have anything against you at all. After giving the PR incident some thought and discussing it with Steven I agree with you that I should’ve waited for a response from you and that it was my mistake for not doing so but I really don’t see how one PR means I target you? I do apologise for that mistake though and it’s why I told Steven that I had no problems with him approving the UBR, he can confirm this if you don’t believe me.

However in this case I find it strange how you in this AA are accusing me of making this whole story up only to have a reason to ban you, why in the world would I do such a thing? Let me tell you that everything I accuse you of is backed up by the server logs and a recording I have of the entire incident, from the very start to the very end. In your UBR you stated that you never did any of the rule breakage by saying I was making it all up and that you only broke NLR once this whole evening. Since I have footage of you instantly running back to the raid after respawning it shows that you were lying in the courthouse. You said that you didn’t keep track of time when JohnSilver told you off for breaking it but I find it extremely hard to believe that you had the same issue when you ran back to the nexus raid you multiple times died in. As I knew you were lying in your UBR by denying everything and accusing me of making this all up I found it a good enough reason to deny it as it was starting to get out of hand and quite ridiculous.

In pretty much all cases I deal with on the server I always bring both parties to a sit to discuss what went wrong and to get an idea of what happened, reason being because I simply didn’t see what happened myself. In this case however I witnessed everything with my own eyes, you running right back to the nexus shooting at other players right after respawning. It wasn’t necessary to bring you to a sit to tell you what you did wasnät within the server rules and like you said, “show them the ropes properly”. You are saying that you think it is unfair that I never brought you to a sit because “I didn’t have the full context” of the situation and that I didn’t listen to “your valid reason” to do this. Let me remind you that there are no valid reasons at all that allow you to break the server rules, especially NLR to start shooting the players that killed you. Sure, you might’ve had a valid reason to raid the nexus in the first place and I am not saying anything about that but it’s the fact that you multiple times broke NLR and ran back to the nexus and continued your raid, me knowing any context wouldn’t change anything. After the raid you and your friend then respawned, grabbed a lockpick and then stole a car that was parked there which isn’t allowed either since it’s crime in the city. What you did is quite serious because it had a negative impact on many players experience on the server.

Now to your friend’s UBR. It was posted not long after I had banned you and your friend and he stated in his UBR that he “was passive roleplaying nearly all day on there. I have witnesses to back me up.” in which to you replied “yeah i can back my bredrin”. I simply couldn’t see how this was a serious UBR due to the fact that he was most importantly lying in it by saying he was passive roleplaying when I have footage and logs that shows otherwise. Obviously I can’t put the video out for the public due to various reasons but It will be available for the SAs and other admins to see.

Let me remind you that the policies for creating a staff report states:
“Any manipulation of the evidence or truth will be resulting in a significant punishment, users and staff members alike”

Example that is not abuse:
“Punishing you in various forms, even if you don't like the reason.”

Rules for making a UBR in the first place says:
4. Do not write an unban request if you know you've broken the rules.
(This also includes your UBR.)
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I didn't understand why I was banned. If you just bought me to a rooftop, you could have explained it to me... otherwise, I wouldn't have had to put this AA up. This means you broke Admin protocol. I have not lied in the courthouse so you don't need to remind me. You are also manipulating Cox saying it was a troll when I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure he was being serious, still not a good enough reason imo to just deny it straight up, again breaking protocol.

Lying in the courthouse can also result in serious punishment, so if Cox is lying I assume he has been given the necessary punishment... ? No offense, but you are really not consistent with doing basic Admin duties.

I also find it funny that you record it from start to end. Do you do this with all players, or just me? Hmmmm
No abuse here. Punishing you in various forms, even if you don't like the reason, is not ground for an abuse case.

Yes, Taxi could have brought you to the roof to explain, and perhaps he will make sure to do so in the future, but it's not a requirement and his reasons for not doing so in this case are perfectly reasonable as far as we're concerned.

Case closed.
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