Aggressive Brookfield Corporation
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Looks good, goodluck.
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I think this well be the best corp in Fearless history

Good Job Jay
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Awesome looking forward Smile
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I am looking forward to see more of this company!
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A Letter is received at Brookfield Corporation Headquarters
Dear Brookfield Corporation,

Like many new business's in EvoCity you will need all the luck and skill you can muster. In an ever changing market keeping a successful business afloat can be one of the most difficult things in EvoCity; I should know seeing as I've ran most of the successful ones. Good luck with your endeavours in the city because it will be a challenge. My number is always available if you needed.

Joseph 'Vantiago' Deacon
CEO and Chairman of Vantiago Incorporated.
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Joe Joe
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i know this company very well ! IRL hhahahahaah

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A letter is delivered to Brookfield Corporation Headquarters
Dear Jay Brookfield,

I have received intel about the new beginnings of the Brookfield Corporation. This does bring a smile to my face as I have looked up to your standards as I begun my own business. However, the city life is rough and we're all yet to see what we have to really face. I do look forward to seeing what this company can bring as when I was a young boy, my family were quite common with visits to Brookfield Motors. Do feel free to contact me, I'm sure you'll find my contact information on here one way or another.

Yours Truly,
John 'Blaz' Flint
CEO of Society Revolution
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